Edgy Tees By Colleen Club Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my Edgy Tees By Colleen Club membership?
One surprise unisex shirt with a Colleen-inspired saying sent monthly. We'll keep sending you the same size your ordered when you signed up for the Club unless you make a change to your account. With your second month's order, you'll receive an additional exclusive Club membership-only LIMITED EDITION myTalk fan tee signed by all talent of each show.

How much does the Edgy Tees By Colleen Club membership cost?
The cost of the shirt is $19.95 plus shipping (typically between $4 and $5). You'll be automatically billed and have the month's featured shirt delivered right to your door without thinking about it or needing to re-order each month.

When does my shirt ship?
Shirts ship shortly after you order them. You'll typically receive your order 7 to 10 days after placing it. Production is quick, sometimes the USPS isn't though. We try our best!  Your Edgy Tees By Colleen Club shirt will automatically ship monthly on the day of the month you originally signed up. For example, if you signed up on September 12, your order will process on the 12th of each month thereafter. 

Does my Club membership expire?
Nope. After your three month initial commitment, feel free to easily cancel your membership whenever you'd like.

How do I pay?
You pay the first time around when you first join the Club. Then your card is charged each month on the same day your first order was placed. For instance, if you order on August 15, your card will be charged on the 15th of each month thereafter.

How much is shipping? International shipping?
Shipping is approximately $4 to $5 each month. We currently only ship in the USA.


Can I change the size of my shirt in the middle of my Club membership?
Sure can! After you join the Club you'll get access to a membership portal. You can either change the size there yourself, or email hello@brazenginger.com and we'll help you out.

Are there gift options? What if I love last month’s shirt and want to buy it for a friend?
Kind of. You can choose who you ship to. We don't offer gift message options or gift wrapping at this time. You can purchase additional shirts individually on top of your monthly club shirt and have them sent to yourself or do a separate order with the address you’d like your gifts to go to. Sorry, we can’t split an order to two different addresses.

Can I choose to be billed monthly or all at once?
No, sorry. We bill monthly.

Can I choose the shipping date of my shirt?
No. We send all our shirts on the same day your first order was placed. For instance, if you order on September 28, your shirt will process and ship on the 28th of each month thereafter.

If I decide I don’t want the rest of my Club membership before it’s over, can I cancel it?
Yes. You can cancel your Club membership at any time after your initial three month commitment. The cut-off date for subscriptions is three days before your shipping date of every month.

Can I change the length of my Club membership?
After your initial three month commitment, you can easily cancel your membership at any time. 

Can I put my Club account on hold if I’m going out of town?
No. You can speak with the postal service to hold your packages while you are gone or change the address where your shirt is delivered (to a neighbor or your office) in your account.

Can I change the shipping address associated with my Club membership? Can I do so multiple times?
Yes. You can change your shipping address as many times as you want in your account.

What type of shirts will I receive when I join the Edgy Tees By Colleen Club?
Whatever Colleen finds funny this month. It could be something from her radio show, it could be a phrase she uses all the time or it could be something she finds funny and relatable about life. The sky's the limit! Shirts are unisex, women size down if you'd like a slimmer fit.  But that’s the best part of the club.  You never know what snarky hilarity Colleen will come up with next!  However, all new shirts will be announced on myTalk on the 1st of each month, so if you LOVE it and need more than one, add to your order 3 days before your shipment is scheduled to process (the date of the month you signed up on originally).

My shirt didn’t show up. What do I do?
Let us know! Email us at hello@brazenginger.com.

If I don’t like the shirt I got, can I exchange it?
No. Part of the fun of the Edgy Tees By Colleen Club is the surprise! We really can’t see you not liking any of our fun shirts, but if that’s the case, you give them away to a friend. Check out our return policy here.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. How can I contact you?
Drop us a line at hello@brazenginger.com.